“After being out for a year because of an ankle injury, Coach Mike and Coach Monica gave me the skills to help me improve my physical and mental game. Without their help there is no way I could be playing at the level I am today.”- Gabby Peitsch (University of Tennessee Commit)

Gabby Peitsch- Tennessee University

“We work hard and set goals and attend on reaching them and when we do reach them we set new ones and keep pushing everyday.”

Kaitlyn Young- Liberty University

“I played for Coach Mike Rainbow from my sophomore year until my senior year of high school while also continuing to train with him through my college years. I was taught so many lessons both on and off the court. My volleyball skills were strengthened consistently and he pushed me in ways I didn’t know I could be pushed. I learned more playing for him than I ever could have expected and I am so grateful. To this day, I train with Coach Mike in the off-season and am able to get my skills fine tuned. I am lucky to have been taught setting skills from someone who was a setter himself and I know that I became a better player myself under him as my coach.”

Caroline Dangel- Stevenson University

“I worked with Coach Mikes team two years and while I was with him I learned a lot of solid technical skills that helped propel me into college. A lot of the things that my college coach says now are similar to what he told me in high school, so I felt very prepared for the next level.

Coach Mike also helped me to understand the importance behind watching film and studying both my positives and areas for growth. Prior to working with him I hated watching film, but now I appreciate it.

On top of being a coach, Coach Mike made an effort to get to know me and my teammates personally, and my parents and I feel very comfortable talking to him outside of the court. He is a very funny and personable person.”

Lydia Jones- Quinnipiac

“The caliber of the instruction that Michael Rainbow provides is comparable to that of very few coaches in club volleyball. In the two years I spent training with him, Mike completely revolutionized both the tactical and technical components of my game. His volleyball IQ is truly exceptional. In addition to producing some of the Chesapeake Region’s most elite players, as evidenced by the countless high school, club, and collegiate accolades they have received, Mike is tremendously invested in the development of each athlete he coaches as a whole person; I have yet to come across a “mean girl” in his gym. The discipline, tenacity, and mental toughness he has instilled in me played an instrumental role in preparing me for collegiate volleyball, and they will certainly carry me far beyond my athletic career. His training curriculum is demanding, and it’s not for anyone unwilling to work hard, but there is no limit as to how much growth you will see in both your game and your character if you put the effort in under Mike’s coaching. “

Kace Boland- Georgetown University