Based out of the Baltimore metropolitan area, M2 Volleyball was founded to provide quality technical training to athletes from as young as 9 years of age through to our college bound athletes. Our training is built on years of experience in making athletes successful on the county, region, state, and collegiate levels. We provide our athletes with a solid foundation to the sport of volleyball, and help them pursue their aspirations of continuing to play through to the collegiate level.

M2 Training was founded by Michael Rainbow and Monica Owensby, and both head coaches provide over two decades of success as well as numerous Coach of the Year awards, Gatorade Player of the Year accolades, All-Metro & All County Players of the Year, All-County, All-Region, and long history of collegiate athletes at the Division 1 level.

Our goal is to make our athletes the best that they can be, and to inspire those training in our program to reach for the next level and be better than they ever thought possible. We provide an intense training regiment focused on all of the aspects in making an athlete an elite player such as physical strength/agility,vertical training, mental strengthening, proper eating regiments, technical training, and high intensity camp environments.

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