What pushes you to the next level???

So what is it really that pushes our athlete’s to the next skill level or beyond their current abilities to excel? The truth of the matter is that is all begins with intrinsic “self” motivation! We provide the guidance and the experience to give all of our athletes the knowledge that they need when they are pursuing their own personal best, however it is the athletes that come to us truly motivated to become the best that find the most success. A talented athlete with mediocre motivation always tends to fall by the way side as other players develop and maybe those who are determined to get better but have less natural abilities pass them by.

How motivated are you? How determined are you to become better? Before you continue throwing money at club, training, or camps these are questions that you should sit down and ask yourself. Be honest and then whatever you decided go after your goals every day!

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Camps & Technical training filling up fast!

Hello all!

Both Coach Monica & myself are excited to get back to work again this summer and watch the growth in our athletes. However as we continue to get closer to technical training (which begins Tuesday May 30th), the slots are filling fast. Currently I (Coach Mike) am filled, however Coach Monica still has slots on Tuesday’s and Thursdays. If you are looking to be pushed in your technique and training regiment don’t delay and contact us ASAP!

Also- both camps (Positional & High Intensity) are 1/2 full and we haven’t even gotten into May yet. We are only accepting 36 girls the first week, and 24 girls the second week with guest coaches Peter Russell & Ed Benish- you don’t want to miss out!

Let’s get to work!


What are your goals?

As we approach the half way point to the club volleyball season- where are you at with your pre-season goals? Did you make a plan to reach them? If you didn’t you just made a wish. How can you refocus and find a way to constructively go back at achieving what you set out to do at the beginning?

All of these questions are not so simply answered, but they all start with one common factor- YOU. You need to be setting your goals, a plan to achieve those goals, and approach your coach or coaches about how they can best help you recognize those results. Before you look at your coach or teammates take some time to look at yourself and as what have you been doing.